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Friends of God - Sharing God's miraculous love power with our World.

Friends of God World Outreach is a trans local ministry of compassion and apostolic zeal operating out of England, United Kingdom.

We are mobilising, training and equipping the body of Christ to reach the world with the "Good News".


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World Outreach

Friends of God is a ministry of compassion and apostolic zeal, sharing the love of God worldwide. We believe in putting our faith into action, as we continue to reach the world for Christ.

Looking back now, our journey has been quite an interesting one. It's been rich, varied, and exciting! Thanks to our friends and partners, who have made this possible.

Your support has helped care for the vulnerable, and those who are desperately in need. It has provided a safe haven, food, clothing, education, training, and has alleviated their poverty. Your continued support has also helped to provide support for ministers on the frontline, mobilise gospel workers, and assist emerging ministries.



Current Outreaches

Our Outreaches include:

[1] Various Internet outreaches

[3] Outreaches to Schools

[4] Outreaches to Villages

[5] Our various outreaches to women with various needs.

[6] Our outreach to vulnerable children including, orphans, disabled children, abandoned children and street kids.

[7] Our outreach to prisoners - both virtual and on the ground.

[8] Our publishing of the gospel - tracts, ebooks, Bible school courses, web publishing etc.

Or whatever realm of society our team members believe they've been called to reach out to with God's love and the Gospel.


Compassionate Ministries

The mission field of orphans is a great outreach field that is often neglected. We have done and still do a considerable amount of work with orphans thorough our orphan outreach in developing counties, through our orphan advocacy program, raising awareness and support for their needs. We look to support ministries and ministers who are meeting these needs.

We provide for the basic needs of orphans in India, and Kenya; and in Uganda in the past; and support street Kids in Kenya.

We've paid school fees for children whose mothers could not afford to send them to school. Their children had dropped out of school because they were unable to afford the fees. Most often when there was a choice of who to send to school, people often send the boys. The girls are left at home, that rational is that they would soon be married off and would serve no value to the family, so there is no benefit in educating them.

This often disempowers the women and leaves them vulnerable in their marriage homes, and makes them and their children more vulnerable later on in life.

We helped to pay school fees for some genocide orphans in Rwanda, and helped to pay the salary for a social worker that we employed to look after the needs of women who had contacted HIV during the war or through prostitution, which a lot of the women turned to, to fend for themselves as a result of the bad economy after the war.

In Tanzania, we helped widows, single mothers, and women with HIV to start their micro business, by helping them with start up costs. These women were marginalised and living in poverty before we met them. We trained them in business skills, and paid a worker who over looked the project and supported them with managing and growing their business.

We've paid the house rent, electricity bills, and provided food for grandmothers left with HIV orphans that they can hardly feed in Tanzania. We've had feeding schemes for HIV patients that could not longer fend for themselves in Tanzania and Rwanda.

We've spoken at Business Conferences in the UK encouraging women to unleash their Entrepreneurial potential to eliminate financial pressures, improve their financial well being, thereby have more to give to the cause of the Gospel.


Gospel Propagation Ministries

Initially when we started off, we did a lot of outreach work in the UK this included a lot of street evangelism, door to door evangelism, literature evangelism, healing evangelism, and discipleship evangelism. We lead quite a number of people to the Lord, and saw quite a number of healings and other miracles.

One of our successful outreach tools was "Wisdom Everyday" a monthly motivational Newsletter that we put through people's doors, sent through the post, handed out to people at the bus stops, and distributed to people in their work places. The great thing about using such tools is that the tools multiplied our effectiveness and did the work for us. We had a lot a good response from the use of this tool.

Around the same time we got into writing a weekly eZine (electronic newsletter) and built our mailing list to a considerable level. We sent out inspiration and motivational writings which also had a great effect. These writings are slowly being updated to the Christian Inspiration resource web site for greater access and a global reach.

We also conducted a considerable amount of reaching out abroad, both in Africa and Asia.

Another area of out work has included village outreaches. We have conducted healing crusades in villages, moving from one village to the next wining the lost to Jesus Christ. We have seen loads of miracles as the Lord confirmed the word we preached with signs and wonders.

We've seen lepers, blind eyes, bareness, HIV, arthritis, broken limbs healed as we've proclaimed the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

We planted churches and in some Maasai villages, we bought sewing machines for female pastors, who we left to watch over churches that we planted to sustain themselves and this worked well. The men did not want to stay behind, to pastor the churches because it meant leaving towns to live in villages.

We've purchased bicycles for bands of Maasai Evangelist, to help them reach their people in the interiors, because they live scattered out there in uninhabited terrain - anything to make the work quicker and easier.

We've run short term Bible School courses, and have given grants to Bible school students who found themselves in difficult and helped them pay their way though Bible school.

We have also run specialised programs - training, conferences and seminars programs for the Believers in general, the Youth, Women and Church leaders.

We have supplied Gospel literature to many Church leaders, trained and equipped them, these include pastors, evangelists, and other ministers in Africa and Asia.

Get Involved!

So, if you have a burning desire to reach the lost, locally, nationally, or Internationally, then start or join an Outreach team. Please visit this page to find out how you can get involved.


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