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Lord, Children Don't Feed on Faeces!... These Ones Do.

After several distressing dreams that the Lord gave to me, featuring poor and orphaned children, the Lord spoke these word's to me, "Davida, look after those Children!"

In one of the dreams I found myself in a rundown house in Ethiopia, in a room shared by a family.  In the room, there was a 10 year old, who was left to look after a 3 year old.  Their parents were nowhere to be found.

When I asked them where their parents were, a tear welled up in the older child’s eye, and she began to tell me. She told me that their mother had died of the “Slim disease” and that their father had gone to look for food for them to eat, and they hadn't seen him for days.

As she continued to speak, the Lord took me to where the father was. He was sitting down under a tree, in a faraway place, looking helpless and dejected.

Then the Lord brought me back into their room, and then took me into the room next door in which there were two other children from a different family.  They too, were in a neglected and similar state.

Then I woke up, and then the Lord said to me audibly, “Davida, Look after those Children”.

After hearing those words, I wondered, "How do I find them?” As I searched the internet, I realised that Ethiopia was one of the worst areas hit by AIDS, that they had hundreds of AIDS orphans, and that they had a famine at that point in time. I didn't know that, but the Lord knew.  My findings confirmed what the Lord had shown me in my dream.

For several years, I kept on wondering how I would find these Ethiopian orphans, but then the Lord made it clear that it was a general call to be an Orphan Advocate; and I comforted myself with the thought that one day I would find my connection for Ethiopia.


Lord, Children Don't feed on Faeces!

In another dream the Lord gave me, I saw two young orphaned children, bent over a pit toilet.  It wasn’t a pit toilet in a private home, but a public one, with its bowl and floor covered in faeces.

As I moved closer to see what they were doing, I could see them frantically eating faeces from the toilet.

I woke up in shock, and said to the Lord, "That can't be true. Lord, Children don't feed on faeces!"

But then he told me, "These ones do".

Then he reminded me about an incident I had seen whilst on a mission trip in India, where a mother and child were walking behind a cow, rushing to collect the steaming dung as it came out of the cow and dropped on the dust road.  I can remember them frantically trying to pick out the seeds in the cow's dung.  I was told, this was to serve as their next meal.

I knew the Lord was making a point here, he was helping me see the things he was seeing that no one else saw, about the conditions of these neglected children; but he wouldn't stop here.

A Call into the Mission Field of Orphans

He has since given me dream after dream, sharing his burden for these neglected children, to the degree that I cannot deny that he has called me to into the mission field of the orphans.  The work is plenty, but the labours are few.

The Lord made it clear to me that these precious ones were not to be neglected, and that providing for their needs was a key part to the purpose that he had for me, as I travelled the world sharing the Good News.

If you are reading this mini book, probably his plans for rescuing these orphans include you too. You can become an Orphan Advocate. Ask me how!

Like I said, the Lord has given me many other dreams relating to Orphans in need, which I cannot write about here, because it would take some time to do so, but I hope to do so sometime in the future, and if you decide to come along with us on this journey as an Orphan Advocate, you will definitely soon be telling your own stories too.


Dreams Do Come True...The Lord Took Me to Show Me

As I visit various countries around the world sharing the Good News, I could see for myself what the Lord was seeing, why he was so concerned about the plight of these children, why he wanted to share his burden with me, and why he wanted me to do something about it.

I have seen firsthand the desperate needs of these children. I have seen some:

  • scavenging for, and eating scraps of decaying food found on waste dumps
  • fetching drinking and cooking water from sewages, and waste drains
  • playing in their play ground, a waste and sewage dump
  • while others frantically search animal waste for undecomposed grain on which to feed on.

In all of these instances, it took a while for my mind to catch up with what my eyes were seeing.  I was seeing things that I never thought were possible.


Children Living Off Banana Peels... Feeding of Refuse Dumps

A particular family of four children, the oldest being nine years old, and the youngest being three, had been abandoned at a train station, in India.

They were found by our workers eating banana peels. They had been feeding on the refuse from the dump for days. The older ones feeding the younger ones with the peels that were just enough for the younger ones to get rid of their hunger pangs. 

These children had been abandoned for days, left with nothing to eat, nothing to drink, nowhere to lay their heads to sleep.

As you can see, the need for rescuing orphans around the world is enormous. Thousands of sick, hungry, vulnerable and helpless children across the nations are crying out for food, shelter, care, education, a family, and a relationship with their God.


Children Taken into Bond Slavery

Some of the children, who we have taken into our care, after the death of their parents, were taken in by their neighbours and used as bond slaves.

They were used to do the most menial tasks for their new masters, and were often hired out as paid labour too.  They were often beaten, starved of food and affection, abused and neglected.

A lot of them plot their escape, and run away, only to be re captured, beaten, and put under the cruel bondage of slavery again.


Left for Dead by Her Own Parents

A special needs child was left for dead by her parents, after they had thought they had finally succeeded at their plot to get rid of her, by drowning her.

They went back to their village, announced her death, and were having her funeral service, when news came that their child was found alive in another village, along the riverside, and had been taken into one of our homes for care. (The girl whose story is being narrated is the one sitting on the ground in red and white dress in the picture above.)

This came as a shock, as the parents had thought that their carefully thought out plan had been well executed. 

Obviously being from an extremely poor background, the child had become a burden to them, a burden which they concluded they could only get rid of by murdering their own child.

The case underwent government investigation; however, I am a bit unsure of its final outcome.


He Wanted Some More Mosquito Nets

A little while back, a Pastor from Uganda contacted me, asking if we could support their children, by sending some mosquito nets. He told me that the children needed them, because there was a malaria epidemic.  So, I sent him some money to buy the nets, and he later on sent me a picture, confirming he had used the money as he had said he would.

A little while later, I got an email from him again, he was wanting some more mosquito nets. He mentioned that two of the children had died from malaria, and a few were sick, and he wanted to curtail this epidemic.

I thought to myself, but I had just sent him some money for mosquito nets. I've lived in Africa myself; I've had malaria several times. I've had to use mosquito nets, and they didn't have to be replaced this often. I concluded, he was actually making this up.  So this time, I did not send the money for the nets, thinking I would investigate this further.

The next email I got a little while later was from his daughter. She told me her father had died. He had died from Malaria.

I later found that the quality of the nets they bought, were poor, and needed replacing every so often, thus the reason why they needed some more. I also found out that the strain of Malaria in that part of Uganda was different from what I had known myself.

But sadly, it was a bit too late, he had gone on to be with the Lord, dying of the same disease he was desperately trying to protect these orphans from.

Upon hearing this news, I went to bits, realising I had more of a responsibility on my hands than I had thought I had. My decisions and indecision could mean the life or death of others.

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