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Friends of God - Sharing God's miraculous love power with our World.

Friends of God World Outreach is a trans local ministry of compassion and apostolic zeal operating out of England, United Kingdom.

We are mobilising, training and equipping the body of Christ to reach the world with the "Good News".


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7 Opportunities for Getting Involved in World Evangelisation

Friends of God World Outreach is a voluntary network of individuals; ministers and ministries; Christian entrepreneurs, businesses and investors; focused on reaching the world with God's love - the Good News of our redemption in Christ Jesus.

We're helping people to fulfil their responsibility as regards to World Evangelisation, and are mobilising, equipping and creating opportunities for people to share the Good News.

Our goal is to get people more active in spreading the gospel to all nations and people groups.

We believe that the Lord is still calling us to join him in his work, and would like to help you to discover your part in the Great Commission and support you as you take steps towards fulfilling it.

As a Friends of God World Outreach partner, you will have the opportunity to touch countless lives for eternity. Anyone can be a partner - individuals, churches, ministries or businesses etc.

These are 7 ways through which you can make the expansion of the Kingdom of God your first priority. You can:

  1. PRAY: Become our prayer partner, or start and lead a FOGWO prayer group.
  2. SUPPORT: Join our virtual administration, equipping and training, or media and publishing team.
  3. GIVE: Become a World Evangelism financial partner.
  4. GO: Join an outreach or mission team and reach out with them.
  5. SEND: If you can't go yourself, send someone in your stead .
  6. MOBILISE: Start an outreach or mission team.
  7. WELCOME: Host an outreach or missions team in your country.

All these are voluntary roles, so if you are interested in any of the above, or know of anyone who might be, please ask them to contact us.

# 1. Pray

Prayer is the lifeblood of our ministry. Prayer is the way we invite the Lord's involvement in our work and in our world. The labour of prayer makes our work easy.

The Lord clearly told us when he spoke about starting this ministry that this work will not be accomplished by might, nor by strength, but by his Spirit. Only as the foundation of prayer and intercession is laid can we go forth in power.

We strongly believe in the necessity and power of prayer as we carry out our work on the mission field.

You may wish to:

  • pray on your own
  • pray with a prayer partner
  • start a prayer group
  • or even grow a prayer network.

The possibilities are limitless.

Once you've decided on how you would like to be involved in our prayer team, we would like you to register your interest.

In our monthly newsletter- "Kingdom First", we have a section for prayer where our prayer requests for the ministry is itemised. You would be also be able to pick up things to pray about as you read through our newsletter, our web site, or social media pages.

Prayer can be done virtually over the phone or via the Internet; or face-to-face.

Decide on a frequency for meeting up to pray with your group. You could decide to pray once a week or once a month etc. Agree on a day and a time to pray. Agree on a date to start your group, and pray.

On the day when you're to pray, have a Bible handy, have your list of prayer points ready, and pray through your list one point at a time.

Find out more about Starting a World Evangelsim Prayer Group.

# 2. Support

Our operations and support team is the wheel that keeps ministry going. Without this vial link everything comes to a standstill.

Administration team: If you are one who loves details and are good at following up, our Administration team would be a good team to join. And if you are one who can see the big picture, and are good at bringing the different parts together, your organisational skills will be a great asset to our team.

We also need people with people skills, who can recruit and place people in the right place within our Ministry structure, help them to get integrated and grow.

Media &Technical Team: If you are a media person, and are IT savvy we also need people like you, for helping out with our video and audio production, web site development, and helping us to reach a wider audience via the internet etc.

Publishing Team: If you love proofing, editing, copy writing and translating materials from English to other languages, and would like the opportunity to help with the publishing of our newsletters, social media content, web site content, and Bible Training materials, this would be the team to join.

We would also need help with the formatting, laying out document, graphic design, and the publishing of material.

Project Managers: Would you love to use your project management skills to serve Christ? You can do this by helping us to manage projects from start to finish. We have a wide range of projects that you can get involved with, which would help sharpen your project management skills.

Advocacy & Support Raising: If you have a passion for social justice, or would love to raise awareness and support of a cause like World Evangelism; or be the voice for the voiceless e.g. orphans, street kids, sex workers, the elderly, abused women and children; then our Advocacy & Support Raising team may be the right fit for you.

Finance Team: If number crunching comes natural to you, then we may your need your expertise on our finance team, to help us keep our books straight.

Training Development Team: We are looking for individuals within the body of Christ who have a thorough understanding of Redemptive truths - the finished work of Christ, to join our training development team. Our School of Ministry has World Evangelism and Discipleship as its emphasis, as well as supernatural ministry.

Find out more about our current vacancies.

# 3. Give

One thing that often restricts the going of the Gospel into the world is finances. With proper financing, the Gospel could be preached throughout the world at a more rapid pace.

One way to be perpetually involved in the work of World Evangelism, 24/7, every single day of the year, is through your giving.

Your seed gift sown into the mission field would work hard for you day and night in parts of the world that you have never even been to, when you sow into the work of spreading the Good News.

You'd be surprised at the number of souls that welcome you and thank you for helping to save their lives when you get to heaven.

The Lord has ordained that's the Gospel will go to the world through our giving. Since the Lord has made the preaching of the Gospel his main priority, he readily gives into the hands of those who are ready to give into this cause, making them a channel of blessing.

The weight of the ministry has often fallen on a few faithful people, who God has blessed and increased as they have continued to give. With proper financing, missionaries would be able to go at will around the world, whenever they are sent.

I bet you would agree that God would need more than pastors, evangelist and teachers etc, to reach this generation with the Gospel, he needs financiers, like you. God needs business people and investors to partner with his kingdom business too.

The Lord is looking for Gospel Financiers to align themselves in partnership with him, would you be one of them?

We are ready to go. The only thing often restricting us is the lack of resources. Are you ready to sow into God's kingdom business? Choose to become a World Evangelism partner today as you sign up to partner with us.


# 4. Go

We won't reach the world for Christ by accident. We must be intentional in all that we do.

Joining an outreach team may be one of the best decisions you would ever make. You'd never be the same.

Every now and then, we create opportunities for people to join our team to go on outreach and mission trips with us as learners, to expose them to the realities of the mission field, and to give them opportunity to put their faith into action.

It's a great way to get involved with the peoples of the world, learn about their cultures, their way of life, and exercise your spiritual gifts as you learn on the job. A week or two of total emersion in the word, prayer and ministry can be totally re define your life.

I 'd call these trips "Life Discovery Trips". You get to discover your real life, the Christ-like life. Often times when I'm on the mission fields, I find that I am literally walking in Jesus' shoes. It's like opening a page of the bible, and stepping right into one of the Gospels, walking where he walked, doing the same things he did, and getting the same results he got.

No one who embarks on these trips ever comes back the same. They are life transforming! The benefits always outweigh the costs, like I've already mentioned, you get the opportunity to use your gifts and the abilities that you hardly use or never even knew you had, you meet people who you would have never met, you build lifelong relationships, you go to places where you would have never been, and do things you would have never done.

It's quite rewarding to see how much of an impact can be made in such a short time. You come back knowing that you've made an impact on people's lives, on a community, and on a nation. The greatest impact of all, is the impact that the trip has on your life.

Find out more about our current outreach and mission opportunties.


# 5. Send

If you can't go to the mission field, send a substitute. We'll go in your stead.

Quite a number of people, due to their current circumstances, at work, or at home, are unable to physically drop everything and go to the mission field. That's a problem that we can help resolve.

You can still go to the mission field without physically going yourself by sending a substitute. When you send a substitute, it as if you yourself went. In most cases people who have been commissioned to Go, cannot go without the support of others while they are out there on the run.

They need the support of the many others back at home to share their personal and financial burdens so that they could be free to go as the Lord sends them. This is the true essence of partnership.

We've always got many people who are will willing to go, and ready to go but haven't got the finances to do so. So since you've been sent, but cannot go. Let us Go for you.

Even as a Bible says in Romans Chapter 10, "How can they go if they not sent". Sending our missionaries across the world to win souls and make disciples will go a long way to helping you fulfil your part of the Great Commission.

You need us to go, and we need you to send us; together we can get the job done. So, get involved by becoming a World Evangelism partner, and pray for us while we're gone.


# 6. Mobilise

Are you ready to take ownership of world evangelism and moblise the church for the sake of the Gospel?

Do you have a passion and the ability to equip, train, mentor, and support people who are passionate about reaching the lost?

Do you see yourself not only going to reach the lost, but exhorting people to go along with you to do the same?

The Gospel is able to go further and faster when we are able to get others involved.

One great way to mobilise people for missions is to encourage them to get involved in evangelism in their sphere of influence. This could be by reaching educational communities e.g. schools, colleges, and universities; it could be taking teams into prisons, slums, or villages.

It could also mean taking teams to partner with other teams on the other side of the world.

As a moblilser you would be a person with influence, who can operate as a mentor, facilitator, trainer and equipper of your team, you would have great people and organisational skills, and a passion to make disciples and see the lost won.

We are looking for mobilisers on all levels - , local, regional, national, and International, to join our team. Some of our outreach teams work virtually e.g. our prison ministry team, so we are also looking for people who can moblilise virtually online as well.

By being a mobiliser, you are keeping yourself on the cutting edge of world missions.


# 7. Welcome

"Door Openers" are greatly needed for the Gospel to go forth.

The Lord is constantly looking for "Door Openers" to open doors in to communities and nations where he desires to go.

A "Door Opener" opens the door and beckons Christ to come in.

We are always looking to build relationships with, and partner with ministers and ministries on the mission field with a heart for reaching the lost, especially the unreached of their nations.

We are looking for people that are able to welcome groups of short-term missionaries, groups of between 2 - 12 people, for periods of between 1 -12 weeks.

We are happy to work alongside you as we minister to: unbelievers, believers, church workers, and church leaders.

We are happy to reach out to villages, slums, school children, the youth, orphans, street kids, street workers, the sick, women, prisoners and business owners.

We are happy to minister through a wide range of evangelistic strategies including:

  • Miracle Crusades
  • Short term Bible Schools
  • Believers Meetings
  • Women's Meetings
  • Children's Holiday Camps
  • Youth Meetings
  • Business Meetings

As you welcome missionaries to your country or your field, you become a great "Door Opener" for God.

Find out about our current Vacancies here.


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