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Friends of God - Sharing God's love in our World.

Friends of God World Outreach is a trans local missionary ministry, under the leadership of Davida Yemi-Akanle, operating out of our base in Essex, England, United Kingdom.

Advocates Form

Become An Advocate...

Do you have a heart for ministry?

Is God calling you to do more to help orphaned, neglected and abused children living in poverty in developing countries?

Then become an Orphan Advocate and join a network of Christians and Churches who are actively speaking out for, and empowering the world's orphans, lifting them into health, safety, prosperity, a good quality of life and a relationship with God.

What does becoming an Advocate mean in practical terms.

It could mean mean that you sponsor and befriend one of the destitute children on our ever growing waiting. It could mean volunteering some of your time on an ongoing basis promoting our outreach to Orphans, and neglected children in your church, neighborhood, work place and within your other spheres of influence, mobilising them to respond to the needs of the children.It could also mean visiting orphanages, serving and caring for these children; Or recruiting other Orphan Advocates

You may choose to speak to house or church groups, put up posters and displays , and distribute literature at events, or put articles in church magazines.

On the whole, we encourage you see your Orphan Advocacy work as your own ministry, and encourage you to use your unique gifts and interests to share your passion for helping needy children.

The Orphan Advocate Network provides resources, support and encouragement to people who want to do more to help children in poverty.

What help and Support do Advocates receive

Advocates receive help and support from staff and other Advocates, including:

  • One to One Induction/Training (Over the internet)
  • A CD with a power point presentation highlighting the needs of the children
  • Literature, posters & brochures
  • Regular e-mail updates
  • Contact with other Advocates who can give support and encouragement
  • Advocates exposure trips (you would need to be actively involved in a church and provide us with refrences from yu Pastor to be included on these trips).
How you can join?

Please complete the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Your Details

First Name:
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Approximately how much time each month can you give to the Orphan Outreach?

What activities would you like to be involved with on behalf of the Orphan Outreach?

  • Speaking about the Orphan Outreach to church groups etc.
  • Telling friends about the Orphan Outreach on a one-to-one basis.
  • Getting articles about the Orphan Outreach into local Christian publications.
  • Distributing literature to local churches.
  • Helping out at events.
  • Other (please add to comments area below).

Your Faith
Briefly describe how you became a Christian.

Which church do you attend?  

How long have you attended for?

Please check this box to confirm you are happy for your details to be passed to other Advocates.

Your Comments
Please add any comments you may have regarding your application to become a Friends of God World Outreach Advocate.

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Your personal data supplied on this enquiry form will be stored at Friends of God World Outreach's office and only used within the Charity or to respond to you (please read our privacy policy).

We are running 7 missions in India and Africa. For more details visit our missions pages.

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in a Child today.
Become an Orphan Advocate.

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