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"Every person matters. People are our Priority"

Friends of God - Sharing God's miraculous love power with our World.

Friends of God World Outreach is a trans local ministry of compassion and apostolic zeal operating out of England, United Kingdom.

We are training, equipping and mobilising the body of Christ to reach the world with the "Good News".


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About Us

Friends of God World Outreach (FOGWO)is a trans local ministry, under the leadership of Davida Yemi-Akanle, based in the United Kingdom. FOGWO is a ministry of compassion and apostolic zeal , sharing God's love in our world.

FOGWO is a voluntary network of individuals and ministries, focused on reaching the World with God's love and the Good News Of our redemption in Christ Jesus. We have been called to train equip, and mobilise the body of Christ into a force for reaching the World with the Good News.

We are reaching out to, and caring for, the marginalised of society such as orphans, widows, the sick, the poor, and women. We are also winning souls, raising and mobilising the Body of Christ. We are sending outreach teams to reach the unreached, extending the frontiers of the Church of Christ and building up the Church worldwide. We are also raising and training leaders in the Body of Christ.

Friends of God World Outreach, is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting. We are a relational ministry and believe our ministry will have meaning and grow along the lines of mutual beneficial relationships.

Friends of God World Outreach is a UK Registered Charity.


Reaching and changing our world in the 21st Century

Called to be a World Changer? Do you have a passion for World Evangelism?

Friends of God is a ministry that is connecting individuals and ministries worldwide. Our purpose is to:

[1] Connect and build mutually beneficial relationships for kingdom expansion.

[2] Equip, empower and mobilise the Body of Christ for a lifelong ministry of influencing and changing their world.

[3] Disciple and nurture believers to faith in Christ, through sound teachings based on Redemptive truths - the finished work of Christ.

[4] Train, mentor, coach, and support Individuals who want to extend their influence, and change their world for Christ.

[5] Raise awareness of strategies for reaching our world in the 21st Century; and issues around cross cultural ministry.

[6] Find solutions for the challenges we face in our generation, and with reaching out with the Gospel.

[7] Support and edify one another one on one.

[8] Keep World Evangelism at the forefront of Church.

[9] Serve as a launch pad for missions.

[10] Encourage believers to live the Christ-like life.


Our Values

These are the three values that distinguish our ministry.

First, focus on the GOSPEL.   We believe that the gospel, is the only message that demonstrates the goodness, love, and power of God wherever and to whomever it is declared (Romans. 1:16).

Second, vision for the WORLD.   We have a vision that includes the world (rather than a singular local community vision) because our lives have been committed to the unchurched in all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).

Third, commitment to Biblical EQUALITY.  All believers stand on equal footing in Christ's Kingdom. There are no racial, social, age or gender distinctives - we are all one in Christ.(Galatians 3:28).


How it all started

In 1998, Davida Yemi-Akanle, the founder and overseer of Friends of God World Outreach, had a fresh experience and revelation of the love of God, and a request from him to be his friend.

A little later, when the Lord had laid it on her heart to start the ministry, and she did not know what to call it, he led her back to the name "Friends of God", and that is how the ministry got its name.

On consequent visits from the Lord, He gradually started to unfold his plans for the work.

In March 1998, Davida had a series of from visitations from the Lord. In one of these dreams, the Lord called Davida to care for orphans through several life like dreams.

After several distressing dreams featuring poor and orphaned children, the Lord spoke these words to her audibly, "Davida, look after those Children!"

During another of those visitations the Lord told her to: "Take care of the sheep of the fold." In another dream, she gave birth to a baby boy. The dream was so real, that she woke up. Then the Lord said to her audibly: "Bring forth an Army, Salvation Army".

On several of these occasions, the Lord made it clear that the remit of the ministry would be worldwide. On one occasion during an afternoon meditation, the Lord spoke these words to her: "Go into the World and Preach the Gospel, I am with you".

In some other dream the Lord took Davida to unreachable areas in various African nations to preach the Gospel. On one particular occasion, the Holy Spirit lifted her, and translated her to a country which she recognised, and whenever the Holy Spirit spotted huts in the forest from an aerial view, he would take her down to where the people were, and would put a song in her mouth, and she would sing a song of salvation to the people in their own language. The song, when translated into English went like this:

Believe in Jesus (2ce)
Before time comes to a close (2ce)
Believe in Jesus

Then the Holy Spirit would take her up, and then take her to another settlement in the forest and she would do the same. The good news is that we are currently working in both countries, having only launched our first outreach in one of these nations in 2012.

When Davida woke up from her sleep, she soon forgot about the dream and song. A few days later the Holy Spirit brought them back to her remembrance and explained what the dream meant, which was to this effect: "As time comes to a close, believers are going to preach the Gospel in places they did not know existed, divinely transported by the Spirit."

In another dream Davida had a clenched fist appear before her mouth, and she heard a voice say, "Open your mouth and eat", she did as the voice said, and then the voice said, "I have put my word into your mouth, Go into the world to declare my word, whoever stands against you stands against me, for I have sent you"

There is a lot more that could be shared, but time would not permit us, it is good to say that FOGWO has been carrying out this vision, touching the lives of people worldwide through its life transforming work and message, which also results from our firm belief that people are valuable and that every person matters to God.

We continue to reach the unreached through various initiatives, giving hope to the hopeless because we believe that Jesus is touched with people's sufferings and wants to do something about it.

FOGWO is a relational network, made up of individuals, and ministry partners, each with their own unique ministry goals. Our common goal is to expand the kingdom of God together by sharing the love of God, proclaiming the true Gospel: the message of our Redemption - what Jesus accomplished for all on the cross.

We are simply friends of God, making friends for God!

Davida is married to Yemi, and they make their home in England.


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